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Healthcare Design

MicroCool™ Refrigeration beyond Imagination

Our refrigeration solution line offers something for every hospital room configuration with extra storage and workspace options.


MicroCool™ Refrigerator

The MicroCool™ Refrigerator is space saving and the quietest refrigerator on the market for healthcare facilities. Our proprietary Whisper Technology allows the compressor to run at less than 39 decibels. The standard, run of the mill, medical grade refrigerators start running at 50 decibels and above. The recommended decibel level for for patient development (preemies and newborns) as well as for adult patient recovery is 45 decibels and below!  The drawer design allows for quick cooling recovery and temperature proficiency. Installation Options: undercounter mount, built-in, countertop mount, or in one of our custom furniture options

Nightstand Photo Install 3

MicroCool™ Custom Nightstand or Microstand

The MicroCool™ Custom Furniture line is the only medical- grade furniture line that a bedside nightstand or bedside microstand with built-in refrigeration and antimicrobial solid surface tops. The nightstand and microstand: double as preparation carts, have either a family storage area for personal belongings or open shelving for storage, built-in electrical outlets for additional power, deluxe hospital-grade locking casters and the hospital selects the color of the furniture and solid surface based on their room decor.


MicroCool™ Power Cart with Built-In Refrigeration

Whether your facility needs to deliver refrigerated medication from the pharmacy to a patient floor, blood from the lab to the OR or nutrition from your dietary department all while keeping items within refrigerator temperature range, the MicroCool™Custom Power Cart is your ideal solution. The Cart is customized to meet the hospital's specific needs, provides additional emergency preparedness with four (4) electrical outlets on the back which can operate other medical equipment and runs on battery for up to 24-hours. Download the refrigeration brochure below for additional information.