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Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership Team

" Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.    Working together is success."    ~Henry Ford

Creche Innovations is a forward thinking company with a mission to advance the world of healthcare. Our leadership team possesses incredible industry knowledge and expertise. We are realistic in our business practices in order to meet the ever changing challenges and demands in healthcare.We have in place a strategic direction for the company which requires all employees to exceed the needs and desires of the clients through visionary thinking and best in class customer satisfaction. Our leadership team focuses on developing products that will change healthcare for now and into the future.

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All senior leadership members are committed to quality and integrity while committing themselves to continuing education and advancing his/her knowledge in the healthcare arena. Our mission is to change healthcare for the better by providing scientifically driven and quality produced products with unsurpassed customer satisfaction. Incredible things are happening everyday at Creche Innovations! We couldn't be more proud of our employees and the hard work, dedication and loyalty they bring to work every day for without them, we would not be advancing healthcare for the better!

Senior Leadership Team

 Tony Hash                                    Carol Hash                              Heather Townsend, RMSR                           Director of Operations                              Director of Administration                Executive Director of Education and Healthcare Design

 Jordan Skilling                             Audrey Sniff                                                                                                        Manager of Maternal/Infant Care        Director of Client Services