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High Heat = Extractables

"Minimizing the Risk for Harmful Chemical Exposure to Patients."


The Efficient and Safe Warming of Feedings

The Penguin® utilizes a complete 360° low heat application (with seven built-in safety features to ensure that the feeding container and milk are never exposed to heat greater than 100°F): unlike hotspot / crockpot methods with temperatures exceeding 200°; hot air / waterless methods must employ extremely high heat reaching temperatures of 140°F-180°F to achieve its goal of warming an average feeding in ten to twelve minutes and your steam based units employ heat as high as 325° F.

High Heat Warning -  Plastics should not be exposed to heat greater than 120°F. Warming plastic containers using heat greater than 120°F can release trace amounts of chemicals into the baby’s feeding resulting in adverse patient exposure. It is highly critical to understand that the use of heat above body temperature dramatically increases the risk for extractable chemicals.

According to Dominic Warrino, PhD “immunogenic response to extractables from feeding containers will negatively impact thymus development and + & - T-Cell selection. Such unwanted chemicals can have serious consequences to the developing immune system.” Such chemicals (from BPA Free, polypropylene plastics) can have adverse effects on the development of the frontal lobe (ADHD, autism, etc.) and the adaptive immune system. 

We know that the laws of physics tell us that molecular motion will always travel from hot to cold. If the feeding is cold and the plastic container is being aggressively warmed, using heat >120° F, you are above the threshold for accelerated extractables. In order for a feeding to be warmed “quickly” high heat must be used, which means, your feedings are subject to contamination by plastic chemicals. The Penguin® Warmer warms based on temperature, not based on time, therefore you truly are warming the safest way possible while eliminating subjective temperature assessments and delivering standardized results every time.

The Penguin® is the "Original" and ONLY nutritional warmer designed around PROVEN scientific practices meeting FDA regulatory standards.