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Proper Storage of Human Milk in Healthcare

Can science point you in the direction of a quieter, less costly refrigerator (time and money) while improving patient care and employee satisfaction? Absolutely! 

Refrigerator Comparison words


  • Can refrigerators have an effect on overall patient satisfaction (adult) and neurological development (infants)? Yes
  • Can refrigerators effect overall staff satisfaction level? Yes

Open Door Vs. Drawer Refrigeration System 

  • Science tells us hot air is less dense and rises, while cold air is denser and sinks
  • When the drawer refrigerator is opened, the cold air swirls around the bottom of the drawer, thus very little air escapes
  • The compressor in a drawer refrigerator does not work as hard or as long to cool warm air that enters the refrigerator
  • When an Open Door Refrigerator is opened, all the cool air rushes to the floor and the warm air rushes in
  • Compressor works longer and harder to cool the warm air in an Open Door Refrigerator

MicroCool Refrigerator keeps the cool air inside the drawer, therefore regulates the temperature efficiently and using less energy! 

Benefits of the MicroCool Refrigerators

  • It is recommended that dedicated patient refrigerators be available in each patient room to help prevent/reduce error.
  • Noise is a huge issue when it comes to patient and staff satisfaction, thus the decibel level of a medical-grade refrigerator should be a huge factor in selecting a bedside refrigerator. 
  • Medical equipment above 35 decibels can hinder growth, development, the healing. stress level and fatigue level in adult patients. 
  • The MicroCool™ can be integrated into the cohesive aesthetics of any design to allow patients and staff access without the burden of bending. Refrigerators that require bending, pose a risk to both patients and staff. 
  • The MicroCool™ requires significantly less space which allows for ample, non-obstructed walkway and work flow space. Floor space is saved as well due to the efficient drawer design as it does not require a bulky footprint.

   The MicroCool Refrigerators operate at less than 35 decibels!