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Deluxe Penguin® Warmer


Important Information: As you have probably heard, our Penguin® Line of Warmers was "adopted" (acquired) by the Ameda Corporation. 

Please know Creche will still be here for your Refrigeration needs with our MicroCool™ brand of refrigerators, custom carts, and furniture with built-in refrigeration.To learn more about our refrigerators and custom furniture line, click here: MicroCool™ . 

If you would like more information on the Penguin® Nutritional Warmer, or to place an order for Therma-Liners, please contact the Ameda Corporation. 

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Deluxe Penguin® Single Well Warmer

The Penguin® Deluxe Warmer is exactly like the Original Penguin® Warmer, which is designed to warm breast milk to maternal body temperature. Throughout the years we have listened to our clients and implemented additional features with the design of the Deluxe warmer that will carry our clients into the future. Just like the Original Penguin®, the Deluxe has all the superior technology that ensures maximum safety and consistency for the baby. 

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Proprietary "Waterless" Therma-Liner® 

The Therma Liner® technology is patented and completely isolates the feeding and the NICU in a protected  waterless pouch, thus providing a  completely closed system. The Deluxe Penguin® Warmer allows a hospital to purchase our Deluxe 24-Hour Therma-Liner which is not available at this time with the Original Penguin® Warmer. The liner is promotes aseptic technique during feeding preparation, as recommended by the ADA. The cost of the liners are very economical, which assists hospitals with budgets, infection control and to minimize potential errors. The Therma Liner® is made in the USA, the only liner on the market that is 100% recyclable and supports waste management. 

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Deluxe Penguin® Four Well Warmer

Download Deluxe Penguin® Informational Page:                                   Deluxe Penguin® Information  

The BEST Four Well Nutritional Warmer just got BETTER! Just like its sister, the components that operate the warmer are the same, however, it has a 30% smaller footprint, is interactive and easy to use and has a large HD Color Graphic Display.  Rest assured your babies’ feedings will not ever be warrmed above or below the correct temperature range (TNZ) as the Penguin® starts warming at the the milks starting temperature. By starting the warming process at the Milk's starting temperature, it ensure proper enzyme function occurs, and 100% of the nutrients are completely delivered into the baby’s developing system. No other warming method /system can make this claim.