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Proprietary "Waterless" Therma Liner®



Important Information Regarding Ordering ISO Therma-Liners: As you have probably heard, our Penguin® Line of Warmers was "adopted" (acquired) by the Ameda Corporation. 

Please know Creche will still be here for your Refrigeration needs with our MicroCool™ brand of refrigerators, custom carts, and furniture with built-in refrigeration.To learn more about our refrigerators and custom furniture line, click here: MicroCool™ . 

If you would like more information on the Penguin® Nutritional Warmer, or to place an order for Therma-Liners, please contact the Ameda Corporation. 

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Feeding is protected in a waterless chamber

Our Therma-Liner® completely separates the feeding from exposure to waterborne microorganisms therefore, your feeding is warmed in a "WATERLESS" environment. Our proprietary waterless chamber ensures complete isolation for the feeding and the NICU from microbes and contaminants. The Therma Liner® is based on three decades of biopharmaceutical practice optional protection in keeping your babies and NICU safe.

  • The Therma Liner® is optimized for all makes, models and sizes of breast milk storage bags, volufeeders syringes and bottles.
  • Feeding container volume capacity: 1ml to 270 mls
  • Syringe container volume capacity:  1 ml to 140 mls

Used in Milk Banks Across the Country

The Penguin® Warmer incorporates a patented Therma Liner that isolates the feeding inside a sterile inner pocket; achieving the desirable status of a "closed system", which eliminates the possibility of contamination or bacterial exposure. The outer layer of the liner contains water, which is independently isolated and serves as the thermal transfer medium: This closed system functions exactly like the jacketed flasks and reactors used in the pharmaceutical drug development / manufacturing industry to safely transfer heat and is FDA regulated.

We understand some sales techniques employed in the industry include misinformation regarding liner use. All hospital grade warmers request shift use (12 hours) for liner usage per their respective user manuals. 

The Penguin® liners are made in the USA, 100% recyclable, and patented. (US Patent # 8,672,545, International Patents Pending)