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Original Penguin® Warmer



Important Information: As you have probably heard, our Penguin® Line of Warmers was "adopted" (acquired) by the Ameda Corporation. 

Please know Creche will still be here for your Refrigeration needs with our MicroCool™ brand of refrigerators, custom carts, and furniture with built-in refrigeration.To learn more about our refrigerators and custom furniture line, click here: MicroCool™ . 

If you would like more information on the Penguin® Nutritional Warmer, or to place an order for Therma-Liners, please contact the Ameda Corporation. 

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Original Penguin® Single Well Warmer

The Penguin® Milk Warmer is designed to warm breast milk to maternal body temperature. Rooted in evidence-based science, the Penguin employs three decades of proven laboratory methodology to safely warm breast milk and formula feedings to the thermo-neutral zone (90°F to 100°F) to protect 100% of the milks delicate properties and guaranteeing the infant receives 100% of the nutritional value of each feeding. Our patented Therma-Liner® completely separates the feeding from exposure to waterborne microorganisms therefore, your feeding is warmed in a "WATERLESS" environment.

Penguin Strong Boys

Penguin Strong Boys

The Penguin® Warmer uses proprietary software and temperature feedback sensor technology that actively measures temperature throughout the warming process.  This technology also compensates for environmental variables, such as different refrigerator or room temperature fluctuations that constantly affect the milks starting temperature. The Penguin® eliminates subjective temperature assessments and delivers standardized results every time. By eliminating subjective temperatures, the Penguin® Warmer not only warmers all feedings perfectly but also has superior thawing capability.   Our  proprietary software ensures maximum safety and   100% temperature consistency for the baby. 


Original Penguin® Four Well Warmer

The Penguin® warms based on temperature, not time. The babies’ feedings will not be above or below the correct temperature range (TNZ) regardless of the milks starting temperature, which ensures that proper enzyme function occurs, and 100% of the nutrients are completely delivered into the baby’s developing system. No other warming method /system can make this claim. In fact, others claim that 80°F-85°F is "good enough". Not the Penguin®, that's why each and every feeding is not considered "ready" until it reaches moms temp (TNZ).