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2015: Premier GPO Breakthrough Technology Winner

The Penguin® Warmer was awarded Premier’s Breakthrough Technology Contract in June of 2015. Premier is the largest National Group Purchasing Organization in the country. They are the only GPO to date that has won the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, which is presented annually to organizations that demonstrate quality and performance excellence. In a press release, sent out by Premier to all of their member hospitals in regards to the Penguin® Warmer, states, “ The Premier committee determined that the device is unique in the marketplace due the warmer’s ability to safely warm breast milk feedings to the maternal body temperature while protecting all of the breast milk’s properties.”


2015: Children's Hospital of Virginia Study


The University of Virginia Medical Center hosted a great webinar presentation on solutions to solving hospital breast milk mix ups and streamlining the process from intake to baby.

Webinar Slide Presentation


Four Years Running: 2012-2016 Top Hospitals                Choose the Penguin® Brand of Products


Penguin® products have been the preferred product line for hundreds of hospitals for over a decade. For the past four years, and running, the Nation's Top Hospitals use many of the Penguin® brand products.