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Creche IV Blanket

"Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters" ~Steve Jobs

When treating patients undergoing surgery, there are many unintended consequences when patients do not maintain Normothermia. There are over 53 million outpatient surgeries and over 52 million inpatient surgeries annually performed in the United States alone. The Creche IV Blanket™ will help healthcare providers prevent the unintended consequence of perioperative hypothermia.

In the case of treating patients with cancer, warming chemotherapy or other intravenous cancer fighting fluids will help activate the immune system and increase its ability to fight cancer all across the body, not just in tumors lying within the immediate treatment zone.

Using the Creche IV Blanket™ not only to provide your patients with greater comfort during an infusion, but also during surgery the Creche IV Blanket ™ will help you prevent perioperative hypothermia when administering Anesthesia, blood, various types of fluids, when the operating room is cooler or a part of the internal body cavity is exposed. We know research has proven that when the human body experiences hypothermia the patient is at higher risk of infection, bleeding diatheses, increased expense, extended drug effects, myocardial ischemia, increased morbidity and even increased mortality.