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Features & Benefits

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Give the Gift of Comfort
  • The Creche IV Blanket is intuitive, using heating plates to warm the fluid with the touch of a single button.
  • The Creche IV Blanket  accommodates any intravenous administered fluids that a physician deems appropriate to warm to body temperature. “Infusing IV fluids warmed to body temperature was associated with improved comfort compared to standard, room temperature IV fluids.
  • There are eight (8) built-in safety features that ensures the patient is always administered normothermic fluid.
  • The Creche IV Blanket  is the only IV Fluid warmer that supports universal compatibility and is interchangeable with all brands of infusion pumps, tubing, extension sets and accessories; saving the hospital valuable resources by not having to purchase yet another special disposable!
  • The life expectancy of the Creche IV Blanket  and the cost associated with it, makes it as affordable as a cup of coffee a day/per warmer with no added hospital expense.
  • The Creche IV Blanket  comes equipped with an articulating arm that attaches to an IV pole so that the healthcare provider can move it closer to the patient for safety, comfort and convenience.
  • The Creche IV Blanket warms fluid at the point of use, wherever the patient is and whenever the patient needs it
  • We know that heat appears to make some chemotherapy more effective in part because:
  1. Tumor tissue becomes more open to the uptake of the chemotherapy drug
  2. Tumor blood vessels dilate, taking up the chemotherapy
  3. Can damage the cancer DNA within the cells
  • Heat appears to weaken the cells’ ability to protect themselves, making the drug even more toxic and potentially more effective in cancer patients.