Creche Innovations

Safety and Warranty

"Be Patient, Good Things Take Time." 

The Creche IV Blanket  displays a digital temperature readout indicating when the warmer reaches the normothermic range.

The digital temperature display can be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Once the desired temperature is reached, the Creche IV Blanket  will notify the healthcare provider to begin the infusion process/treatment.

The Creche IV Blanket  operates on a small, compact power supply

The built-in cord management system: contains loose cords and the power supply so as to eliminate tripping and falling hazards; as well as keeps everything contained in crowded spaces so there is space for other necessary equipment.

Simply wipe the Creche IV Blanket  (inside and outside) with your hospital’s disinfectant wipes or approved equipment sanitizer.

FDA 510 (k) Clearance*

CSA Registered for Patient Safety


The Creche IV Blanket  comes with a standard two year warranty and an additional extended warranty is available at a minimal cost.