Refrigerators & Freezers

Improve the efficiency and safety of your healthcare facility with proven medical equipment solutions from Creche Innovations. Among our line of products is the MicroCool® Refrigerator & Freezer, a space saving, drawer style unit that will improve your storage capabilities. Learn more about this medical-grade refrigerator and freezer below, and be sure to request a demonstration with one of our clinical education specialists.

Did you know temperature recovery in drawer style refrigerator is quicker and more efficient?

Microcool® Refrigerator

This state-of-the-art refrigerator combines innovative technology with exceptional performance, to provide optimal cooling and preservation for your perishable goods. With its compact design and advanced cooling system, the MicroCool® refrigerator offers efficient temperature control and ensures the freshness and longevity of your food items. The MicroCool® Refrigerator is equipped with user-friendly features and customizable settings.

MicroCool® Freezer

Whisper Quiet® Operation for Safer Facilities = Best for Babies & Adult Patients

Compact Design with Powerful Performance

Unmatched Temperature-Proficiency

Versatile Capabilities

Whisper Quiet® Technology for Peaceful Patient Recovery

A quiet, serene atmosphere promotes better recovery for patients of all ages. However, while it is recommended that care facilities keep an operating sound level at 45 decibels or below, many standard-grade, medical refrigerators emit more than 50 decibels of noise. The MicroCool®‘s proprietary, Whisper Quiet® Technology allows the compressor to operate at less than 30 decibels. The MicroCool® ensures your patient rooms remain peaceful, allowing patients of all ages to rest and recover.

Compact Design and Efficient Performance

Your hospital or laboratory is a busy place. As such, it is often required that your facilities make the most out of storage. The MicroCool® Medical Refrigerator & Freezer is designed with accessibility and compactness in mind. Its smart and robust design allows it to be installed in a variety of spaces, which allows for seamless integration throughout your healthcare facility. It can be suspended underneath a countertop, built into casework and headwall systems, or it fits nicely on top of any countertop. Custom mounting options to meet your hospital’s needs are available.

Versatile Capabilities
The MicroCool® acts as both a medical and laboratory refrigerator & freezer, thanks to its intuitive temperature control dial. The dial enables a wide range of supplies to be kept at optimal temperature, including breast milk, essential fluids, medications, and test samples.

Economical and Efficient Maintenance

Uphold the cleanliness and sanitation of your facilities. The MicroCool® Refrigerator comes standard with an antimicrobial cartridge. The cartridge keeps the refrigerator dry and nullifies the growth of harmful mold and bacteria. Used in the MicroCool® Freezer, this proprietary cartridge eliminates frost build up and offers nominal maintenance.

Easy to Monitor
The refrigerator & freezer integrates with any hospitals already established Temperature Monitoring System. If you do not already have a Temperature Monitoring System in your hospital, Creche’s Wi-Fi Remote Temperature Monitoring System ensures all installed MicroCool® units can be checked easily and quickly. This highly configurable software enables adaptable monitoring capabilities, which allows your staff to make adjustments whenever and wherever they are needed.

Certifications and Warranty Information

The MicroCool® Refrigerator & Freezer are a smart choice for your hospital, laboratory, or care facility. The MicroCool® holds the following certifications and warranties:

NFPA 99 Compliant for Health Care Facilities

Certified by Electrical Testing Labs

Standard, Two-Year Concierge Warranty