MicroCool® Nightstand

Practical Storage for Effective Care
Healthcare is all about patient and family-centered care, while quickly addressing medical issues and providing the best quality of care. When patients recognize that they are receiving your complete attention, they are more likely to be accepting of treatments, which promotes a speedy recovery. Creche Innovations is dedicated to ensuring you fulfill your role as a clinician and caregiver. Amongst our advanced equipment line is the MicroCool® Nightstand. Upgrade your patient rooms with the MicroCool® Nightstand and improve your capabilities in delivering quality and meaningful care.

microcool nightstand

About the Product

The MicroCool® Nightstand is a bedside storage solution that offers personalized and convenient storage for patients and caregivers, featuring a proprietary, refrigerated drawer to store a variety of temperature-sensitive supplies, and comes standard with an antimicrobial solid surface top, a lockable supply drawer, and a combination lock storage compartment. This is a custom piece of furniture and is special order only.

A Smart Evolution of the Hospital Nightstand

The ability to keep all necessary medical supplies and medications near the patient streamlines nurse productivity, reduces the likelihood of errors, and enables staff to dedicate more time with patients. The MicroCool® Nightstand offers convenient and personalized storage for patients and caregivers.

The MicroCool® Nightstand is the next step in medical storage. Thanks to its proprietary, refrigerated drawer, this furnishing is able to store a wider variety of supplies and materials. You can store nutritional supplements, medication, and other temperature-sensitive items in this powerful and efficient drawer. Refrigerated drawers allow you to diversify your storage capabilities, allowing you to tailor your care services according to the patient’s needs.

Feature-Rich and Ready to Serve

Uphold the professional and efficient operations of your care facility. Each MicroCool® Nightstand comes standard with a MicroCool® refrigerator, an antimicrobial solid surface top, a lockable supply drawer, and a combination lock storage compartment. As a result, supplies remain secure.

The MicroCool® refrigerator is also specially engineered for the medical industry. It’s medical grade, temperature proficient and Whisper® Quiet.

Customization Options Available

Hospital room decor promotes a comfortable atmosphere.

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