MicroCool® Procedure Cart

This Procedure Cart Optimizes Care
This Procedure Cart with built-in MicroCool® Refrigeration is a mobile and customizable medical cart that improves productivity, reduces errors, and enhances patient satisfaction by providing quick access to essential supplies and equipment.

procedure cart

About the Product

When clinicians have all the supplies and equipment on hand to perform their duties, it is easier to fulfill your organization’s mission to deliver quality healthcare to all patients. Creche Innovations has the medical equipment and devices your team needs to remain organized and on-task. We are the developers of Procedure Cart with built-in MicroCool® Refrigeration, a mobile procedure cart that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each department within your facility. It’s a valuable addition to virtually any department in your facility.

Improving Best Practices with the Proper Procedure Cart
Your hospital is a busy place. As such, it is important that your medical staff is able to have quick access to what they need, while also being able to remain mobile. Medical procedure carts that have mobile capabilities allow doctors and nurses to carry whatever supplies they need in an organized manner. By having immediate access to essential supplies and equipment, medical professionals can deliver more effective care.

A Feature-Rich Medical Supply Solution

Improve productivity, reduce the likelihood of errors, and improve patient satisfaction with the Procedure Cart. Our cart incorporates a sturdy design that allows for streamlined organizational options. Each cart also includes our industry-renowned MicroCool® Refrigeration Drawer, which provides storage for temperature-sensitive medications, samples, and other supplies.

The Procedure Cart comes standard with many features that will optimize the way your medical professionals work. While each unit comes standard with the following components, the beauty of our custom furniture line is, hospitals can add and subtract components to meet their needs:

  • Solid Surface Top: An anti-microbial surface that provides a convenient space for preparing devices and supplies.
  • Medical-Grade Refrigerator: The MicroCool® Refrigerator stores sensitive supplies, including medications and nutritional supplements. The drawer’s temperature can be adjusted according to the operator’s specific needs.
  • Lockable Supply Drawer: Ensures the secure transportation and storage of equipment to uphold a safe and private working environment.
  • Two Storage Drawers: Compartments that can hold a variety of materials, allowing for intuitive organization.
  • Deluxe Locking Casters: Easily move the cart from one place to another. The casters lock so the cart remains stable during procedures.
Customized to Meet Your Needs

Enhance the quality of service throughout your clinic, laboratory, or hospital. The Procedure Cart was designed with everyday versatility in mind. Request an on-site demonstration of our products.