MicroCool® Microstand Medical Cart

The MicroCool® Microstand is a portable and versatile medical cart designed to keep medication, foods, beverages, infant nutritional items, and other temperature-sensitive supplies chilled and within arms-reach, providing better overall patient care.


About the Product

Keep medication & care supplies nearby with the Microstand Medical Cart. Patients deserve personalized care in treatment and recovery. Because space is so valuable in hospital settings, keeping medication and other important supplies that are temperature-sensitive within arms-reach improves the level of care that medical professionals can provide. A portable, refrigerator resolves this issue drastically, improving the level of care on a day-to-day basis.

Versatile Storage Solutions for Medical Care Supplies

The MicroCool® Microstand from Creche Innovations is perfect for administering care supplies in all types of medical settings. Useful applications of this compact medical cart include storage for the following:

  • Medication
  • Breastmilk
  • Adult Nutritional items
  • And More
Portable, Multipurpose Medical-Grade Refrigerator
Improve productivity, reduce mistakes, and provide better overall patient care with the MicroCool® Microstand, which keeps medications and other supplies chilled and close by. It serves as a perfect patient fridge thanks to its compact design and versatility. Learn more about these features:

  • Solid Surface Top
  • 1 MicroCool® Refrigerator
  • Open Shelf for Storage
  • Locking Casters (Wheels)
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Get the tools you need to make your facility more efficient. Creche Innovations utilizes its MicroCool® technology to create a complete line of medical carts ranging in a variety of sizes.

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